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When You Don’t Feel the Same

Title: When You Don’t Feel the Same
Pairing: Takaki Yuya x Inoo Kei (TakaNoo)
Type: Drabble
Genre: Romance, angst
Disclaimer: Boys aren’t mine.
Warning: My English is bad.


Love is a strange thing. I’d thought, for the longest time, that having such feeling never gives me an exact answer. I didn’t know the difference between loving a friend and loving someone special. Not until I’ve experienced how it tasted when I lost them. I had a friend, my high school friend, my closest buddy, and still remember how terribly sad it was when one day he started leaving me. Hanging out with another friend, just because I was so busy at work and he had this hard time to reach me when he needed help.

But, however, when Hikaru revealed to us that he and Yabu were dating, I was in fear.

You’re cheating. I cursed inside. I wished it was a dream, but the sound at the backside of my mind had already warned me, that they were real. That they were too obvious and I was the stupid one for always avoiding the fact. I hated Hikaru for weeks. I hated the way he stole Yabu from me, after all the fates I chose to believe. I was the one coming to agency with Yabu. I was the one meeting him first. That elevator stuff. That no-eye smile I’ve seen before any members knew about that.

I just—I just feel like I was giving him just right.


But, I, too—

I took deep breath, and opened the door connected to Jimusho’s open rooftop,


formed a smile.


“Oh our birthday boy…” he grinned.

“Why are you here? I’ve been looking for you…”

“Just breathing fresh air, and smoking.” He explained. I stood next to him and he immediately turned off the cigarette. It was one of warm nights in summer, and maybe because of that Takaki’s citrus smell got stronger impression for me than it usually did.

He looked so beautiful. Glistening under the combination of starry sky and incredible lights of Tokyo. God’s art I should appreciate. His hair needed of a trim, though. But long hair was actually just so Takaki Yuya.

“Am I really your boyfriend?” I asked.

My question brought his eyebrows to knit together. “Why asking?”

“Because you left me after our celebration. Nobody leaves their partner on birthday party.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. But juniors kept coming to you and I thought they’ll be hesitated if I was on your side.”

“Lame. Next time, give me proper reason.” I boo-ed.

Yuya smiled so earnest in the moonlight. And even though people keep thinking he’s a bad guy, for me he’s the purest child ever. And I wished I’d never let myself trapped this far. Feeling too much guilty. Because I still couldn’t just shut down my feeling for that person while I’m having this worthy guy came with his sincerity.

I started leaning my head on his broad shoulder, asking for a wrap.

“Happy birthday.” He whispered, huskily nice. While his arms were now enveloping my body.

You can’t just pretend that he was someone else, Kei.

I didn’t care that I’d promised myself to do so. All I knew was that I kissed him. And kissing Yuya was like the first time you hear a song that you’ll listen on repeat, when the song itself contained the lyric of your one-sided love to someone.



I want a chance.

A chance to prove that I was the right one for you.

But even after all I’ve done, even when I was the one holding your birthday cake, your eyes still wander around, and it won’t be that hard to look up for an answer.

You were looking for something.

For someone.

They're telling that you’re still into him.

But the kiss felt so awesome. The way your hands grabbed my collar-shirt, travelled around my neck, and covering me gracefully more than ten boxes of Marlboro could’ve done.

And I was so afraid---

“I love you, Yuya.”


“Thanks for appreciating my birthday.”

You said into my ears.

And maybe,

I should just try harder.


A/N: I'm back. With a creepy fic. But this is all I can do for now so pardon me Orz
Thanks to Charlie Puth (Selena Gomez)'s We Don't Talk Anymore. Idk how many times this song saved me already.
Tags: drabble, fan fiction, inoo kei, takaki yuya, takanoo
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