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13 April 2019 @ 09:23 pm
Fan Fiction Index  


World of Life - TakaNoo (romance, angst, death, supernatural)

It Started Before You Know - InooBu (romance, slight angst)

For - Ever (Sequel of 'It Started Before You Know') - InooBu (romance, fluff?)

It's Because of 'Summary' - InooBu, slight TaDaiki (romance, fluff)

Without You Know - InooBu, TakaNoo, TaDaiki (romance, slight angst)

When Inoo-chan and Dai-chan are Quarreling - InooBu, TaDaiki (romance, failed fluff)

Oichii~~~ - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Kimi Ga Suki
- InooBu (romance, angst)

Our Memories - InooBu (romance, angst)

Reverse - InooBu, TakaNoo, YabuDai, HikaDai (romance, angst, slice of life)

O Ai Ni - TakaNoo, InooBu (romance, fluff)

Number One TakaNoo Shipper - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

My Tsundere Servant - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Forgettable Anniversary - InooBu (romance, fluff???)

Cold Latte - InooBu, TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Sleep Confession - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Untold is Forbidden - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Stand By You (Song's Fic) - InooBu (romance, angst, slice of life, crack)

Mr. Perfect - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, comedy?)

Turquoise - InooBu, TakaNoo, TaDaiki (romance, angst, fluff)

Promise - HikaTo (romance, angst)

Too Much - TakaNooBu (romance, slight angst, fluff)

I Got My Conclusion - InooBu (romance, fluff)

The Possessive You - HikaTo (romance, fluff, friendship)

Time When We Understand - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, friendship)

Absolute Drama - InooBu (romance, fluff, friendship)

Things We Should Forget - InooBu, TakaNoo, slight HikaTo (romance)

Because I'm Different - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Second Chance - InooBu, TaDaiki (romance, slight angst, fluff, friendship)

The Last Chance (Sequel of Second Chance) - InooBu (romance, slight angst, fluff)

A Hidden Truth of My Girlfriend - InooBu (romance, fluff, school-life)

My Dearest Love - InooBu (romance, fluff, super cheesy)

Important Matters You Should Know - TaDaiki (romance, fluff)

You Paint the Color of My Life - InooBu (romance)

Time - InooBu (romance, angst, fantasy)

The Last Melody - InooBu (romance, angst)

Gakurei Academy - InooBu (romance, fluff, friendship)

Whenever I Feel - Yuki x Makoto (Bakaleya)

Alone - TakaNoo, slight TaDaiki, InooBu, and InooChii (romance, angst, friendship)

Snow Through Soda Can - TakaNoo, InooBu (romance, angst)

Voices - InooBu, slight TakaNoo and YamaNoo (romance, slight fluff, friendship)
Part 1 (Inoo's POV) // Part 2 (Yabu's POV)

A Gap That Separated Us - InooBu (romance, slight angst, fluff)

Almost Is Never Enough - TakaNoo (romance, slight angst, fluff)

So Close To Utter The Words - InooBu, TaDaiki (romance, fluff, friendship)

It Can't be Love, It Should be Love - TakaNooBu (romance, flangst (?))

Pledge Of The Silent Wave - TakaNoo, slight InooBu (romance, very slight angst, fluff)

The Worth Of Your Eyes - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, NC-17)

Wispy Of Undone Memories - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

State of Youth - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, friendship)

Because Tomorrow Will Come - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Hollow Habitue - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

All I Could Do - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Masquerade - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Skipalong - TakaNoo (main), slight InooBu (romance, hint of NC)

Solicitudes- TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Growing Love: One Day In The Future - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Undercover - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Song's Stories - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Just Like Another Time - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Wild Cat - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Love in Lemon Squash - InooBu; slight TakaBu (romance, friendship)

Unreachable - InooBu (romance, angst)

Broken Plan - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

A World With You - TakaBu (romance, fluff)

Wishful Thinking - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Invisible String - InooBu; slight YabuDai (romance, angst, drama)

Extraordinary Morning - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Tell Me Why, Juliet - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, companion with meriel_roncal)

Silent Game - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, NC-17, companion with ficreader_02)

Sedative - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, sequel of After The Storm by nikenyk)

Take In Tow - InooBu (romance, angst)

3 On 1 - HikaNoo, YabuNoo, TakaNoo (romance, fluff, friendship)

Indemnity - InooBu (romance, fluff)

The Evil In Me - TakaNoo, OkaNoo (romance, fluff)

Evaporated Night - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Sheer Luck - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Honmei Choco - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Lemon Shortcake - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, PWP, NC-17)

Quand Vient Le Temps - InooBu (romance)

Rambling Story - OkaNoo, TakaNoo (romance, slight angst, hurt/comfort)

Unfinished Story (companion of Rambling Story) - TakaYama, slight TakaNoo and OkaNoo (romance, slight angst, hurt/comfort)

Second Story (companion of Rambling Story and Unfinished Story) - TakaYamaNoo (romance, friendship)

09.23 PM - InooBu (romance, fluff)

After - TakaNoo, slight Takayama (romance, flangst)

Le Coup De Foudre - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, super corny)
The Encounter (Takaki's Story) // The Fated Guy (Inoo's Story) // The Last (Extra Story) // NC Part (written by lu_mi_na)

The Entire Living - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, super corny, PWP, NC-17)

Forget-Me-Yes (Answer for Question 4280) - TakaNoo (romance, slight angst)

Reliance - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Moonstone - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Thantophobia - TakaNoo (romance, slight angst, fluff?)

Chastity - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Longest Night - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Faded Moments - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Irreplaceable - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, friendship)

When The Time Comes - TakaNoo (romance, angst, fluff)

Holding On & Letting Go - TakaNoo (romance, friendship, fluff)

Opportunity - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Cage - TakaNooBu (romance, flangst)

Another Little Piece of My Heart - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Stand Down - TakaNooBu (romance, flangst, friendship)

Crumpled Paper (Sequel of Stand Down) - TakaNooBu (romance, angst)

Wonderwall - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Dilemma - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

I'm Gonna Love You Like Nobody's Loved You - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, friendship)

One Remembers - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

No, Sorry - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Bliss - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, NC-17, companion with ficreader_02)

Pages - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Meu Amore - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Serendipity - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Skype Night - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Sillage - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, slight angst)

Indecisive - TakaNoo (romance, angst, hurt/comfort)

Vrykolakas - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, NC-17)

Unplanned - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Pipe Dream - TakaNoo (romance, AU)

A Decent Mistake - TakaNoo (romance, AU)

If Ever I'll Be Wrong - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Abstract Puzzle - TakaNoo (romance)

Need You Now - TakaHika (romance)

Red and Blue - YabuHika (romance)

Undefined Words - TakaNoo (romance)

Macchiato - OkaYama (romance, fluff)

We Lied For Entire Time - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Day off Isn't So off - TakaNoo (romance, PWP, NC-17)


Don't be Like Inoo-chan - HikaTo (romance, fluff)

Description - InooBu (romance, fluff)

My Smoky Fatty Guy - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Last Snow with You - InooBu (romance)

Memoirs of Pure Drizzle - InooBu (romance, angst)

24 Fics for Yabu - InooBu; Yabu x JUMP (romance, fluff, friendship)

Misconception - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Mr. English Hikaru - HikaTo (romance, fluff)

Boomerang Game; Where to Go?; You are My Noisy Valentine - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Remember When - InooBu (romance)

Chocolate - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Explanation - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

His Soft Head - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Dented - InooBu (romance, fluff)

I am Your Fan - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Dependency - InooBu (romance, fluff)

You Don't Know - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Smart-less Lover - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Unseen - TakaNooBu (romance)

Poke, Poke! - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Takano = Takaki + Inoo - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Stop It! - InooBu (romance, fluff)

A Trick - TakaBu, slight InooBu, mentioned OkaNoo (romance, fluff)

Deep Serene - OkaNoo (romance, fluff)

Love You More - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Amai Yume - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Be With You - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Brand New Day - TakaNoo (romance)

A Guy - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Sea and Sky - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

5 New Year Fanfics of Ultimate OTPs - InooBu, TakaNoo, Hikato, HikaDai, ChiiTaro (romance, fluff)

Soleness (Boku o Nokoshite Inai) - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

No Words - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Birthday Drabbles for Yabu Kota - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Set of Random Drabbles - OkaNoo, OkaDai, TakaNoo, InooBu (romance, fluff, friendship, comedy, based on 4clover96 memes)

Naughty Valentino - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, PWP, NC-17)

Droefenis: Yabu Kota's Love Letter - InooBu, TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Yukadon - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Hell, No! - InooBu (romance, fluff)

Warm Night - InooMi (romance, fluff)

Random Drabbles of JUMQ OTPs - HikaDai, OkaYama, TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Procaffinator - TakaBu (romance, fluff)

I Feel You - HikaTo (romance, friendship, fluff)

Paper Mind - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Living Quarters - Fujii Ryusei x Kotaki Nozomu (Twin Tower)

Always - TakaNoo (romance, angst), Sequel is Usually (written by lu_mi_na)

One Sentence Okada x Inoo - InoOkada (romance, fluff)

Love Motion - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

I'm Scared Of... - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, companion with juju905rote)

Kiss Me Slowly - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

It's Gotta Be You - InoOkada (romance, fluff)

Still - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

Voice Imprint - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

OTPs Drabbles - TakaNoo, OkaYama, YamaNoo (romance, fluff)

Sleepless in the Rain - Alan Shirahama x Hayato Komori (Generations from Exile Tribe)

4 Times Inoo is being Tsundere + 1 Time Takaki Defeats Him - TakaNoo (romance, fluff)

Temptation - TakaNoo (romance, fluff, AU)

Whenever You Fall - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

When You Don't Feel the Same - TakaNoo (romance, angst)

White Flag - YabuHika (romance, fluff)


Equal - InooBu (completed)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 // Part 17 (end) // Epilogue // Extra Story

Tsu-Tenshi - InooBu (completed)
Prologue // Main Story // Epilogue

Letter From Heaven (Sequel of 'Tsu-Tenshi') - InooBu
Kei's Version // Kou's Version

Season of Love - InooBu, TakaNoo, YabuDai (on-going)
part 1 // part 2 // part 3 // part 4 // part 5 // part 6 // part 7 // part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10

You = I = You + I - TakaNoo, InooBu (completed)
part 1 // part 2 // part 3 // part 4 (end)

Pathetic Bell -A Story about Me, You, and Him- TakaNooBu, TaDaiki (completed)
part 1 // part 2 // part 3 // part 4 // part 5 // part 6 // part 7 // part 8 // part 9 // part 10 (end) // Epilogue

Love in Betrayal - TakaNooBu (on-going)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Secret (unexpected sweet) Lesson - TakaNoo (on-going; companion with nikenyk)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Flawless - TakaNooBuDai (on-going)
Part 1 // Part 2

A New Beginning - InooBu, TaDaiki, ChiiTaro (completed)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 (End) // TaDaiki Side Story // ChiiTaro Side Story

A Word You Can't Hear - TakaNooBu (on-going)
Prologue: A Word You Can't Hear
Part I: Non-Stop Nightmare
Part II: I Feel Your Warm Hand

Rain Forest - InooBu (completed)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 (End)

The Shadow Paralyzed - InooBu (completed)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 (End)

A Bitter One To Drink - TakaNooBu (completed)
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 2.1 (TakaNoo Side Story) // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 (End)

Affliction - TakaNoo (completed)
Prologue // Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 (End) // Epilogue // Side Story: Yuuya's Lullaby (written by alois_trancy) // Extra Story

Cloudy Sky - TakaNooBu (completed)
Prologue // Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 (End + Epilogue)

The First - InooBu (completed)
Prologue // Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 (End)

Apasionado - TakaNoo (on-going)
Part I: The First Time We Meet
Part II: The Flocks
Part III: Heartbeat
Part IV: Confession
Part V: Prepare for Snow White!
Part VI: (Not-So) Broken Plan
Part VII: One Step Closer
Part VIII: Hoshino Aca-Damn-Y
Part IX: The Reason
Part X: Mr. Playboy Class President
Part XI: The Forgotten Guy
Part XII: Understanding
Part XIII: Forgiving
Part XIV: Blissful Moment
Side Story: Una Noche
Part XV: Newcomer

You Exist in my Song - TakaNoo (on-going)
Prologue // Part 1
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arindikaarindika on September 18th, 2014 06:13 am (UTC)
I love your banner Yabu's face is bweehh lol they are so cute together :D
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on September 18th, 2014 11:36 am (UTC)
Re: <3
So bweeeehhh lol
His pouty lips are priceless right?!
He's jealous? To whom actually? LOL
arindikaarindika on September 18th, 2014 01:21 pm (UTC)
Re: <3
he was jealous because his boyfriends were ignoring him and playing by themselves lol

I love these three peopple :D
hey btw can I ask something? how do you put picture on top of your journal?
I want to make one but I don't know how :(
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on September 18th, 2014 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: <3
Do you mean the header? ;;A;;
Sorry arinchan but this layout was made by my friend so I don't really know how to make it
But maybe you can check in google how to put the header in lj
Sorry i am not helping at all
arindikaarindika on September 19th, 2014 08:51 am (UTC)
Re: <3
it's okay tachan
thanks anyway